How do you make the exotic familiar,

the strange normal,

or the unwanted loved?

Here I explore the large questions about art and story, and the small ones on techniques and craft. I love to help writers improve and see it as a part of improving my own writing. My approach to writing is that empathy rules all. My favorite writers are the people who are able to suck me into a world and into a character outside of my experience but make my heart wrench or rejoice. How a writer performs that magical feat is what I want to explore and discuss.

With poetry prompts, tips, and reviews, this site is all about the process of writing, what it means to be a writer, and why the written word can capture the imaginations of billions!

Thanks for Reading,

Rana holds an MFA in Writing from Pacific University, and is a graduate of the University of Denver Publishing Institute. Her work has appeared in Catch Literary Magazine, Fresh Literary Magazine, The Live Poets Society of New Jersey, and The Interlochen Review.